How to Publish a Blog Post

WordPress Tutorials- How to Publish a Blog Post

We are going to begin a set of WordPress tutorials for beginners. If you are a certified WordPress power user, these posts are not for you. However, if you are brand new to the CRM and need some tips then stay tuned for our series on WordPress tutorials for Beginners.

Step 1: Login to Admin Page

Login to your website with “/wp-admin” at the end of your URL. Example, “”. This will direct you to a login screen, like the one shown below, to input your username and password provided to you.

WordPress Login Screen


Step 2: WordPress Admin Navigation

Once you arrive at the Dashboard, or Home Page, click Posts and Add New on the left side navigation bar.

WordPress Dashboard View

Step 3: Posting

Enter a title of you Post, this will also be the URL for the post. Example, “”. We have visualized this in the picture to the below.

WordPress Tutorial- New blog post
Add new blog post.

As we discussed in a recent blog post, the title of your post is more important than ever for SEO. We would advise having an established content strategy that dictates blog content and associated titles for each post. We will get into more of this in other posts, but wanted to add a quick note that titles can be strategic. If you are using an SEO plugin like, Yoast, then the plugin itself will provide guidelines if you are looking to optimize your post for SEO.

Once you have determined your page title, you can begin writing your post directly into the text body field. You can also copy and paste images directly into the text body, however, we would recommend adding media so that you can dictate how Google’s search bots interpret your image use. Yoast has written a great article about optimizing images for SEO. To insert a picture, simply click “Add Media” and go through the steps outlined in step 4 below.

Step 4: Featured Image

Once you have written your post textually, it is time to select a featured image if you desire.

WordPress post right side panel. Click “Set Featured Image”

This is the image that will be shown above individual blog posts throughout your site and acts like a preview image.

To include a featured image, click on  “Set Featured Image” on the right hand navigation panel below Categories and Tags.

This will bring you to the media pop up which let you select a preloaded image or upload a new image specific to the individual post. Once you have clicked your image to select it, simply click “Set Featured Image”.

Note: If you took the time to read the image optimization Yoast article we linked above, then this area is where you include things like; captions, alt text, and description. These are all chances for you to help Google understand your content better. This is a whole art and science, but the you can easily grasp the basics with a bit of research. The input fields for these attributes are shown below. Remember, once you have the image just the way you want it, select “Set Featured Image” to add the photo.

Set as Featured Image- WordPress
Click “Set featured Image” after applying image attributes.

Step 5: Publish

How to Publish WordPress post.

To finish, select your category and a couple of keywords that are relevant to both your site and the post. You can preview the post before clicking “Publish” for the post to go live. Note you can edit the post at any time despite publishing the post. To update the post later you will follow the same process and select update instead of publish.

That’s it! Congratulations, you have posted your blog entry to your website.


Stay tuned for more entries on our series: WordPress Tutorials for Beginners.

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