3 Ways your SEO could be Killing your Traffic

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is hardly a new term or practice. In fact, Google has been applying analytics to their search ranking since inception. Google supplies hardfast rules for SEO as industry accepted best practices. Your SEO partner should be aware of these and applying them to your site (this is what you are paying for!) In this post we dive into some key factors that could be negatively affecting your SEO.

1.  Lack Of Content

CONTENT IS KING! Content is to SEO what location is to real estate (think: content, content, content). As a business owner you could spend thousands driving people to your site, but you need a compelling reason for them to stay. If you are creating unique, dynamic content and correctly linking, referencing, and supplying metatags then there is no reason your site cannot improve its rank. Be thoughtful and consistent in your content. An established blog is great way to do this, and remember, a blog is simply a fancy way of compiling multiple webpages in a central location (you don’t have to call yourself a blogger).

2.  Ad Hoc Keyword Targeting

SEO is most efficient when specific tact and direction is applied. Your SEO partner should have a good understanding of your business and your local market to best utilize a keyword strategy.

For example, let’s say that you are a small local bank. You are actively competing with large banks on a daily basis. Those large banks are going to rank better than you on the most obvious of keywords based mostly on scale. Those keywords might be, “credit, checking account, mortgage, etc”. Therefore, spending time and resources targeting those words could prove futile, or in other words your chances to rank higher than a national bank are slim if you target the same keywords that they are.

Instead this bank in our example should focus on what separates them from the pack, using long-tail keywords. The better use of resources would be to target keywords and phrases such as, “local bank”, “Small business loan specialist” and other keywords that identify you as a local, customer-first financial institution.

While I realize that you are not a bank, I use this example to highlight the fact that strategy matters. Sometimes the best way to improve your rank with respect to organic keywords is to try to target a niche that you have a greater opportunity to excel within.

3.   Not all SEO is created Equal

RUN AWAY if an SEO provider promises a #1 rank. This is like a car salesman telling you that the bright red convertible will make for a great family care. Yeah, not likely.

The reality isn’t that you will never rank first in your field, it’s that it takes time. Time is required to curate content, build a link infrastructure, and clean your existing (or utter lack) of SEO.

 SEO is often about cleaning your sites overall function and “optimizing” what you can through periodic updates and scrubs. We will leave you with one last analogy; You wouldn’t trust a maid who claimed they could clean your house FOREVER in 30 minutes. So, don’t do the same with SEO. As with most things in life, cheap and hasty solutions assimilate with the risk of cutting corners which could do more harm than good.

In short, not all SEO is created equal.

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