Getting Smart with Brand Monitoring

Ever wonder how companies seem to be “all-knowing” when it comes to brand monitoring?  Like they seem to have a thousand backlinks and always are in the right place at the right time?  We know.  It can be daunting and overwhelming to take control of your brand presence and always be ahead of ever evolving internet mentions.  That’s why, in this post, we are outlining the fastest and best way to “Get Smart with your Brand Monitoring”!

To explain thoroughly, we thought a story would create an entertaining platform to explain the specifics!  So here you go:

We recently featured our client, Restorative Injectables, on our Portfolio page and mentioned another company, Snipcart, by name. We did this to highlight our capabilities, and as a thank you to our partners and clients.

The point of this post is not to brag on our client, but rather the “other company” we mentioned… Now, who is Snipcart?

Snipcart is a leading e-commerce solution that developers can integrate into websites, including any platform you might be using (think WordPress, Squarespace, Business Catalyst, etc). At Clean Digital, we implement their customizable shopping cart into our e-commerce sites, whenever feasible.


Backlinks: The Who, What, Where, Why?

Now comes the good stuff… In our client feature we detailed above, we neglected to backlink Snipcart, in addition to our mention of them. What happened next was fascinating:

A few days later, we received an email from a Content Strategist at Snipcart:

After reading this email, it’s fairly obvious what Snipcart did right. They were polite, had full understanding of where we mentioned their company, and politely asked for a backlink to their site.  In essence, they got smart with their brand monitoring strategy which inspired us to write this blog post. We want to highlight and discuss two key elements of this email exchange:

  1. The Masterful Request of a Backlink:

We didn’t really have an option to say no here. (Not that we would have wanted to, given our admiration of their technology — but you get the point) They thanked us for our business first and then casually requested a backlink second.  Their kind and respectful approach made it easy to accept their request!

  1. How the heck did they know we had mentioned them by name? Let’s spend a little time digging into this…


While we don’t have a crystal ball and didn’t confirm with Snipcart, we are fairly certain they use a comprehensive brand monitoring strategy.

We know this because we utilize a similar strategy for Clean Digital Marketing and for some of our clients. In short, anytime there is a new mention of “Clean Digital Marketing” throughout the web, we know about it. In other words, we receive a notification any time our company is mentioned somewhere on the web.

We have detailed key strategies and advantages to a brand monitoring strategy below:


Alert System for Brand Monitoring

We will get into how to set up a similar alert system (using SEMRUSH) for your brand in a later post, but in the meantime we will touch on its importance:


Acquiring relevant and contextual backlinks

This is best highlighted by our Snipcart example. By monitoring their brand, Snipcart was able to generate a relevant backlink from a happy customer, and subsequently had a blog post feature them.  Finding contextual places where backlinks make sense is also an important key!

Remember that the way you ask for the backlink is paramount to your success.

Snipcart thanked us for the mention, and casually asked for a backlink, in a low-pressure way. Be conversational and don’t just assume they will link you, no matter how popular your brand is. Often times webmasters and SEOs have an established link policy and/or strategy that they stick to. This policy would dictate how and how often they can place outbound links on their site.

In addition to “how” you request the backlink, another important thing is identifying where you could request the link to build your reputation.  You want to make sure it would be a link that would help your branding and build a positive reputation!


Keep an eye on what people are saying about you

Now, internet rumors can be great. We would love for people to mention us by name (in a positive light), so feel free! However there are two sides of this coin.

Your brand mention could just as easily be spammy, inadvertent, or worse… negative. Knowing when these pop up and finding ways to mitigate bad exposure helps you stay in control of your brand. This is PR 101!

If your company is being publicly discussed you may also want a say in the conversation, or it might be valuable to contribute to the conversation and take ownership. The point is to stay aware!


Monitor SEO efforts & identify ways to grow

Monitoring the fruits of your ad/marketing campaigns is a notoriously difficult process. Often times your marketing dollars are given a name and direction, but not an end result. If you are monitoring your brand you can better help identify which efforts are working and whether or not you could discontinue other avenues.

Do yourself a favor and add as much clarity as you can with your marketing spend!

Thanks again to Snipcart for a truly special product and for letting us share this communication.

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